Rabu, 22 Juli 2015

High Street Shops May Open Longer On Sundays

Sunday trading on UK high streets could be extended under new Government proposals.
The plans give local authority chiefs the power to relax Sunday trading laws in targeted areas, to selectively boost economic growth.
Current rules limit shops with over 280 sq m (3,000 sq ft) floor space to six hours of opening time on a Sunday.
Ministers are reportedly writing to the Church of England urging it not to oppose the measures.
They argue it could be worth up to £1.4bn a year to the economy while ensuring high streets remain the "heartbeat of our communities".
The plans have been set out in a government consultation paper.
Authorities will decide whether to apply the new conditions throughout their area or limit them to specific zones where they want to encourage business.
Potentially, it could mean councils allowing longer Sunday trading in traditional high streets while excluding out-of-town supermarkets.
Communities minister Brandon Lewis said: "This Government is determined to devolve powers previously held in Whitehall to local people.
"We have already taken a range of measures to boost the Great British high street and now we are giving local areas another tool to encourage shoppers to the town centre and get shops to grow and thrive."

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