Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2015

British Link To Smuggling At Migrant Camp

Sky News has witnessed British registered vehicles hovering around a refugee camp outside Dunkirk.
Local volunteers from the town of Teteghem say the camp, which is home to around 100 migrants, is controlled by people smugglers.
The vehicles, a large white van and two cars, were seen parked up next to containers where people are living.
While Sky News was carrying out filming, the two cars - an Audi and a Vauxhall - sped out of the camp.
Our team was subsequently told to leave the site by a man with a British accent. He threatened the use of violence if we returned.
Eve-Marie Dubiez, a volunteer from the group Amis de Teteghem, said she suspected smugglers were regulating the number of migrants at the camp.
"English cars, all English cars come here, get people to Calais and leave them somewhere 5km, 10km away from the port of Calais and they do what they can," she said.
"After three or four tries the smugglers ask them to pay again, it's a lot of money, it is €1,500 (£1,050) for one crossing."
Behrad, 32, from Iran, has lived in the camp for three months. He has risked his life numerous times trying to reach Britain.
He says it is easier to get onto lorries outside of Calais.
More appear to be doing that, with people travelling as far as Belgium to jump on board a truck headed for the town.
"It depends on your money. A lot of people who come here, they haven't so much money, so they take the cheapest way, which is to try the back of lorries. That's a lot of danger and people lose their lives."
When asked what the other options available to him were he said he preferred not to say "because maybe it makes me some problems."
All of the people living in the camp at Teteghem said they were desperate for a "better life" in Britain.
They also said that the fact they could speak English drew them there for job opportunities.
All admitted that Calais was still central to their attempt to reach British shores.

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